AHOPE is WNC’s only day center for people who are homeless, providing basic services and engaging clients in moving out of homelessness and into permanent housing.  AHOPE is also often the only place that people who camp go to for services, which makes it a powerful outreach tool in our community.  Almost everyone who’s homeless in Buncombe County comes through AHOPE, and it serves as a hub of information & connection to other community resources.

Most importantly, coming to AHOPE is often someone’s first step out of homelessness and into housing.


7 a.m. – noon weekdays & 8 a.m. – noon weekends


Showers & toiletries

Mail (use of our address)

Telephone access

Storage containers

Referrals to other agencies & community services

All intake for our Pathways to Permanent Housing program

Client Storage Containers

Meeting basic needs is a crucial service to the homeless community, but it’s more than that: it’s an engagement tool.  By meeting some basic needs, AHOPE staff members are able to build relationships with people accessing services and connect them to community resources that will provide a solution to the crises they’re experiencing.  AHOPE staff members hand out towels & soap for showers, check mail & pass on phone messages, and provide access to much-needed storage containers, but they also help clients fill out housing applications, get connected to mental health & substance abuse treatment, find medical care, complete disability applications, get food stamps, and find employment.  AHOPE meets its clients where they are and works with them from that point towards housing & stability.

Community Partnerships

Homeward Bound’s mission is working with others to end the cycle of homelessness, and AHOPE participates in that mission by hosting community partners who outreach clients & provide on-site services & support.  All Souls Counseling, WNC AIDS Project, Pisgah Legal Services, the Veterans Administration, and the Department of Social Services all come to AHOPE weekly to connect with people who need their services.

Questions or comments?  Contact Asia James, program director: