Volunteer Enrichment: Disability!

Every month, we hold a special volunteer enrichment training on a topic within homelessness.  The goal of volunteer enrichment is exactly that: to enrich our volunteers’ understanding of the complex issue of homelessness.  Enrichment trainings are open to anyone in the community and are a great chance to learn from an expert in the field!

Here are the details on this month’s volunteer enrichment:

Topic: Disability

Applying for disability is typically a long & difficult process with a lot of roadblocks.  Because many people who are homeless are also disabled, we’ve created a staff position focused on helping people apply for disability & walking them through the process.  Derek Towle, who serves in that role, will lead this discussion about who’s eligible for disability, what disabilities people often apply with, and how the disability application & approval process works.  If you’ve been connected with any of our clients who’ve dealt with this system, you know it can be very complicated…bring your questions, because Derek’s an expert!

Expert: Derek Towle

Derek Towle is a Homeward Bound staff member on the PATH team, who uses SOAR methodology to help people who are homeless access disability entitlements.

When: Tuesday, July 16th at 4 p.m.

Where: Homeward Bound (218 Patton Ave., Asheville, which is on the corner of Patton Ave. & Pearl Street, with parking available in the gravel lot on Pearl Street. )

Email emily@homewardboundwnc.org to register!

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